Tom Holland is Great, But My Husband is a Real Spider-Man!

I’ve always been a Spiderman fan since I was first introduced to the character, not through comic books like you might suppose, but through The Electric Company. Yes, along with Morgan Freeman, Spiderman helped teach me how to read. I remember seeing Toby McGuire swing onto the big screen in 2002, I enjoyed Andrew Garfield in 2012 as he spun into theaters and on July 7, 2017 I know I will enjoy watching Tom Holland web his way into the character (I know my teenage daughter will too, though I must admit I’ll be happy to see Robert Downey Jr. Yay!), but while all of those good young men are just actors portraying Spiderman, I have learned that I am married to a real one.

I’ve known my husband, Josh Cox, since he was a year old and have watched him grow up into the amazing man that he is today. Even though he is about to turn 40 years old, he is still just as crazy, daring, funny and active as he was when we married twenty years ago. He has entertained me (and others) with his exploring, climbing, jumping and swinging, always finding new and creative adventures and constantly looking for new ways to “play”. This kind of behavior is something that our three children adore in him which only encourages him to press on with it all.

Even though he doesn’t have super powers and can’t produce webs from his wrists (thank God) he definitely has “Spidey” like qualities. For example, years ago, when we were in Las Vegas for an anniversary trip, I filmed as he climbed up a three-story rock wall in well under three minutes! His lean 6’1″ body with long arms and legs help him achieve his playful goals and have always reminded us of a Spider-Monkey. However, it is the more recent events that have taken place over the past few years that have convinced the children and I that he is really a Spider-Man.

One night while we were driving in the car, Josh turns to me and asks, “Is there a spider on my face? Is there a spider on my FACE?” Although I was driving, I tried to see if I could locate one and then, as I pulled up under a bright street light, I saw it. On the corner of his glasses was a little spider and just as I laid eyes upon it, the little arachnid jumped off his glasses (WHEEEEEEEE!), leaving a glistening silver web behind him attached to the rim of his glasses. This first event left me crying in laughter–but it wouldn’t be the last.

Since that time, Josh has come to me in various places at various times asking me if there was a spider on his face, and there always was. I can think of at least five other times he has found them on his face. He has also found them pleasantly crawling on his arms while he laid in bed, discovered one crawling up his leg while in the bathroom, walking around on his head from time to time and one night, while serving as a camp counselor last year, he came in to find a wolf spider happily sleeping on his pillow! The other night while we were cooking dinner he asked if there was one on his eye. I looked closely and there, snug and cozy by the corner of his right eye was another one of his little minions; a tiny spider, happily nestled upon its master.

Even though all of these stories make me laugh in the moment– and even right now, there is one story that I love most of all. Josh came home from work one day and told me that he was in a meeting with ten other people around a large conference table. Everyone was in discussion, when out of nowhere, slickly sliding from the ceiling, a spider repelled down upon its web and dangled in front of Josh– in my opinion, to bow down and pay homage to its leader.

In all of these instances, he has never once been bitten and no one else who is present has ever had a spider on or even near them! Nope. Not at all. Just Josh. It doesn’t just happen at home either, it can happen anywhere at anytime. His spidey-senses call to them and they come crawling from near and far.

Although my husband may not be fighting crime or go swinging on webs around the city (though I’m quite sure he would LOVE to) he does have some spidey-like qualities and there must be something unmistakably “arachnidy” about him. For whatever reason, he continues to draw forth little, eight-legged groupies from all over the place to dwell within his midst.

So while I will always appreciate the cute and talented actors who play, have played and will continue to play Spiderman on the big screen, my children and I know that we’ve got the real thing at home.

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