My Musicals Mission!

When I was 12 years old, our church was in between buildings and we were holding services at a school. For whatever reason, no one wanted to do a Christmas program that year for the children. But I did, and I was given permission by the pastor to try. So I wrote, produced and directed my first Christmas program that starred my little brother as a lamb, and many other children who were excited to be part of it. Since then, I have either been in or directed Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, Mother’s/Father’s Day programs every year.
When I was 23 years old, I was hired as the music director of that church and was blessed to have the opportunity to present musicals there several times a year.
As time has gone by, I have heard the kind and uplifting words of the supporters who were blessed by the programs, and I have also heard the words of the naysayers who thought the programs to be a drain of time, money and resources. But they didn’t stop me. Why? Because I have a profound, undying love for my God, Jehovah, His Only Son Jesus Christ, and my Comforter and Friend, the Holy Spirit, and I want to bring glory to them all.
I know, without doubt, that this is one of the things God gifted me to do. I want to always be obedient to Him and do well with whatever He assigns me. He gives me the ideas through dreams and every program that has ever been done, as long as I followed His direction and allowed Him to keep control, the programs were successful. How do I measure that success? By the fact that usually at least one person, if not more, came to know Jesus Christ or renewed their commitment to Him at one of our programs. Many of these people I am friends with to this day.
I will press on with this work that God has given me through my new company, Master’s Messengers (, with the HCP Performing Arts Ministry and with my family. The Lord has already shown me that He will bless those that help to bless it and remove those from my path who seek to hinder it. And when I am too old to perform for the Lord, I will direct for Him, and when I am too old to direct for Him, I will write for Him. But I will use the talents He has given me to spread the message of his love to the world through music and storytelling until my dying day.  I am more than thankful to have been able to do this work for Him (so far) for the past 35 years and I look forward to seeing what He wants me to do for Him in the future!

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