Messenger of Jehovah – How the Intercessors Series Began

I have from time to time been asked when I knew I was a writer.

For the majority of my days, I have always considered myself to be a musician as a profession. Yet, when I look back over the course of my life, I see that it has always been in me to write. I actually began when I was a little girl. I was always creating books, plays and musicals. Many of which I recently came across when going through old boxes of memories saved by my Mema (my maternal grandmother) who was a child of the Great Depression and saved everything. In this case, I’m glad she did.

While I was a church music director, I loved writing musicals and songs but still saw myself primarily just as a musician. In my mind, the stories I told through musicals and the songs I wrote were to be used to further the music ministry of the church and win hearts for Jesus, but I did not see myself writing books.

Then, when I quit my job and became a stay at home mama, I started writing down the sweet and imaginitive things my children did. I dreamt one night that I had turned those stories into books and in that dream, I saw an entire land, a land of pure imagination, full of characters, adventures, lessons and songs that I was going to create. That land was the Bearwood Forest and the stories became The Huggabears Series.

As time passed, I found my love for creating these stories to grow immensely– especially since the stories were about and for my children. But I knew that my children would continue to grow and The Huggabears, sweet as they are, would not be able to always minister to their hearts in their teen years. Knowing that, and with all of the books in the world that were celebrating things which the Bible clearly teaches us to stay away from, I asked God for a series that would draw teens and adults alike to Jesus, to God’s Holy Word, and to the power of prayer, in the setting of an adventurous, mysterious and sometimes romantic narrative.

I’ll never forget the night God gave me the answer to that prayer. I was vacuuming my mother’s carpet in preparation to steam clean them the next day as a Mother’s Day gift. As I was working, I was praying, asking God to bless me with that book series. I had prayed this prayer for quite some time, but that night, I really poured out my heart of concern for the youth of our world to God.

The next evening I was busy at work with the steam cleaner, trying to make my mother’s carpet cleaner than it was before my children had put their own personal touches to it. I was happily working and singing away, praising the Lord for all of His goodness when I reached the exact spot that I had prayed for the series the night before. At that moment something truly remarkable happened. I saw glimpses of The Intercessors series, the characters, places, events, they were flashing before me. I was awake, but it was as if it was being played before me in my mind on a movie screen. The images I saw were powerful, it made sense to me and I have never forgotten any of it. In that moment, I knew God had given me something special. He had answered my prayer and given me the series I asked for. I sat down quietly, turned off the steam cleaner and took it all in.

That night before I went to bed, I thanked the Lord over and over again for giving me the series. Out of all the people in the world, all of the professional, educated writers and people who created brilliant stories… He chose me.

After several days had passed and I had time to process the information God had shown me in my vision, I talked to my husband, Josh, about it. I can’t remember why we were in Mesa… or Gilbert, but I know we were out there on the east side somewhere and while we were driving, I told him everything I had seen about the series.

Josh was very quiet, which is rare as he is usually interrupting me with questions, but this time was different. What I was telling him was different. He sat quietly driving, listening and processing the story.

After I finished, he looked at me and said, “Don’t tell anyone else this.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because someone will steal it,” he replied.

“So… then you think that–”

“–I think that this is very good, it’s really good and someone will try to steal this idea,” he said firmly again.

I nodded but didn’t reply.

That was when the fear began to creep in. Not necessarily the fear of someone stealing it, though I did protect it and still protect it fiercely, only trusting to talk about the stories with a very few special friends who pray with me while I write. No. It was the fear of, could I do this? Instead of me praising and thanking the Lord for choosing me to do this work, I then found myself thinking, “God why did You choose me to do this work?” I had never written a novel, much less seven, which is how many books the Lord revealed would be in the main series. I was a music major and had only taken some creative writing classes in college to meet a requirement. Why, out of all the people in the world who were writers and were really good writers, why would God allow me to do this incredibly important work?

Until then, I had only written children’s books, plays and musicals. But novels? Not even close. Even after I prayed and asked God for this series, and even after the miracle of Him giving it to me, I had doubts that I could do it. I was becoming my own worst enemy. But God, being the amazing, magnificent, all powerful, mighty, great God that He is, had a plan to reach my heart and calm my mind.

One Sunday morning at church, a beautiful and precious woman, named Marilyn Leininger, who I didn’t actually know at that time, approached me and told me that God told her to tell me the meaning of my name. She asked if I knew the meaning of my name. I said I thought it was French for “baby angel from heaven” or something like that. (I never thought that was very significant as all babies are angels from heaven!) But she told me that God wanted me to know the true meaning of my name in the language of Greek and of His people in Hebrew, and she had it all written down for me.

It said:
Greek: “The Messenger”
Hebrew: “Messenger of Jehovah”.

That moment changed the course of my life forever. I did not know this about my name. Neither did my mother who chose it for me. It was the name of one of the characters of the Dark Shadows show that she watched. But God spoke to her heart and told her to call me Angelique because He knew the plans He had for me. He knew the work that I was to do and He called me for it by name.

I knew once again God had spoken to me in a way that I would never forget. He sent a lady that I had never met to give me the meaning of my name and confirm the work that I was to do. I remember chills spreading all over me from head to toe and from that moment on I never doubted that I could write the stories God had given me. Jesus taught people through stories and parables and I believe, after receiving the stories I have from the Lord, He still wants to do that today.

I also learned that the reason why God chose me and not some professional, highly skilled, educated and trained writer, was because He wanted me to lean upon Him for every word in every book. If I was a master at the craft of writing I might not do that. I might rely on my own knowledge and training and do things my way, which then would take the control of the books and put it into my hands; taking it away from God’s.

As long as I keep myself grounded, humble and seeking the constant direction of the Lord through prayer, the stories have never ceased to flow. I don’t always have the time to write them that I would like, but when I do, the story is always there, whispered into my heart and mind (at the oddest times too) by the Holy Spirit.

I know who I am and what my work on earth is. I am a mother and wife, for my home is where my ministry begins. I am both a musician and a writer, each talent joining hand in hand with the other to create stories and songs that will teach people about the love of Jesus, and I am a servant who has a great desire to assist children and those in need.

I honestly don’t know who will read the books I write and I don’t know who will listen to the songs I compose and sing. But what I do know is, I will work for the rest of my days creating all that my Lord gives me because I am now and always will be…

…a Messenger of Jehovah.


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The Bigger Picture – A Prayer for America

My Gracious Heavenly Father, As You know, I’m sitting here listening to today’s Breaking News about a shooting that took place at Alexandria, Virigina, Baseball Field where Congressman Steve Scalise and others were shot by a man who was specifically targeting Republicans.

Lord, You know that I am not a Republican and I am not a Democrat. I am registered as an Independent voter but consider myself to be a Christian Humanitarian. I felt that You led me to this choice, not because I think there is anything wrong with being a member of any political party or that I do not like America’s two parties, but because You have given me a love and compassion for people in general and You do not wish me to be isolated from me reaching anyone. You have called me to take the message of love, forgiveness and salvation that my Savior, Jesus Christ, gave for every soul and You have called me to be a servant. I am Your servant and You have called me to serve Your people.

It is for the people that I am writing this prayer to You today.

God, I see the bigger picture here. I see a country full of souls that You love dearly.
Jesus, I see people, no matter what their political views are, that You died for and cherish with a love that human minds cannot comprehend.

Father, I see so many people who are angry, scared, tired, confused or arrogant. I pray for their anger. That You would soften their hearts and calm their minds. I pray for their fears in this world, that is getting darker, that You would bring them comfort and protection. I pray for those who are tired and struggling to make it through the days that You would bring them strength, rest and hope. And God, I pray for the arrogance that is consuming our nation from coast to coast. I pray that You would instill a mindset of kindness, respect and compassion for others. God, that we would keep a humble heart and mind and to not think ourselves better than or more important than anyone else that You created and love.

Lord, people have lost sight of the bigger picture of our country and they are keeping their eyes focused more upon themselves. People want to be right. People want to be heard and people want their way.

We are losing our sense of community. We are losing sight of the fact that America was established under You as a place for all people of age, color, creed, and gender to come and live in peace. God, these are people that You created and love fiercely. We have lost sight of the fact that we believe in and have had thousands die for the gift of our freedom. Freedom we didn’t all earn but were given. Freedom to do live where we want to live, do the work that we want to do, worship the way we want, and speak our ideas and opinions without persecution.

The bigger picture is our freedom. America, land of the free and home of the brave. A land of opportunity where you have the chance to make your dreams come true. Yet, it is our freedom that we are taking for granted.

Help us God, to not immediately go to hating someone who disagrees with us. Help us to not cut them off with insults, name calling and degradation, but instead Lord, bring a peace that passes all understanding through Your Holy Spirit, so that when we leave a discussion with someone who has different views that we do, we can still show them the love of Jesus and keep our relationship in tact.

Help us God, to not cause divisions in our beautiful nation because some of us want different things than others or have different ideas, but instead to honor our faith in You and our families by working together and looking to Your Word to learn how Christ handled those who had differences with Him and follow His perfect example of love and patience.

Help us God, to restore our compassion for others in our country and in other countries, to lend a helping hand, to smile at one another, to listen and forgive as You instruct us in Leviticus 19:17  “You shall not hate your brother in your heart, but you shall reason frankly with your neighbor, lest you incur sin because of him. You shall not take vengeance or bear a grudge against the sons of your own people, but you shall love your neighbor as yourself: I am the Lord.” And to do as Jesus told us in Mark 12: 30-31  “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

The bigger picture is slipping away from us Dear Lord. We have started using hateful, slanderous words towards one another. We have clearly drawn lines in the sand for our differences– lines which are expanding daily and causing terrible divisions. We are getting violent in our demonstrations and protests, causing unthinkable pain to others who are innocent. And now, it is turning to actions which could prove to be deadly. Father God, please do not let a spirit of civil war break out in our nation, but let there be a spirit of civility spread from sea to shining sea.

Please help our government leaders. I pray for blessings upon them all, from the President down to the smallest town Mayors. Please protect them. Give them wisdom, temperance, compassion and honor in their leadership. Please help them to remember that they have been placed in leadership roles to serve us, “We the People”.

Please bless those who were shot today and help this horrific event bring an awakening to our entire nation, an awakening of respect and healing. Help us to remember the true meaning of freedom and to act as a nation that deserves that priceless gift that we have been given.

Help us Lord to get back to seeing the bigger picture of “One nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”


Tom Holland is Great, But My Husband is a Real Spider-Man!

I’ve always been a Spiderman fan since I was first introduced to the character, not through comic books like you might suppose, but through The Electric Company. Yes, along with Morgan Freeman, Spiderman helped teach me how to read. I remember seeing Toby McGuire swing onto the big screen in 2002, I enjoyed Andrew Garfield in 2012 as he spun into theaters and on July 7, 2017 I know I will enjoy watching Tom Holland web his way into the character (I know my teenage daughter will too, though I must admit I’ll be happy to see Robert Downey Jr. Yay!), but while all of those good young men are just actors portraying Spiderman, I have learned that I am married to a real one.

I’ve known my husband, Josh Cox, since he was a year old and have watched him grow up into the amazing man that he is today. Even though he is about to turn 40 years old, he is still just as crazy, daring, funny and active as he was when we married twenty years ago. He has entertained me (and others) with his exploring, climbing, jumping and swinging, always finding new and creative adventures and constantly looking for new ways to “play”. This kind of behavior is something that our three children adore in him which only encourages him to press on with it all.

Even though he doesn’t have super powers and can’t produce webs from his wrists (thank God) he definitely has “Spidey” like qualities. For example, years ago, when we were in Las Vegas for an anniversary trip, I filmed as he climbed up a three-story rock wall in well under three minutes! His lean 6’1″ body with long arms and legs help him achieve his playful goals and have always reminded us of a Spider-Monkey. However, it is the more recent events that have taken place over the past few years that have convinced the children and I that he is really a Spider-Man.

One night while we were driving in the car, Josh turns to me and asks, “Is there a spider on my face? Is there a spider on my FACE?” Although I was driving, I tried to see if I could locate one and then, as I pulled up under a bright street light, I saw it. On the corner of his glasses was a little spider and just as I laid eyes upon it, the little arachnid jumped off his glasses (WHEEEEEEEE!), leaving a glistening silver web behind him attached to the rim of his glasses. This first event left me crying in laughter–but it wouldn’t be the last.

Since that time, Josh has come to me in various places at various times asking me if there was a spider on his face, and there always was. I can think of at least five other times he has found them on his face. He has also found them pleasantly crawling on his arms while he laid in bed, discovered one crawling up his leg while in the bathroom, walking around on his head from time to time and one night, while serving as a camp counselor last year, he came in to find a wolf spider happily sleeping on his pillow! The other night while we were cooking dinner he asked if there was one on his eye. I looked closely and there, snug and cozy by the corner of his right eye was another one of his little minions; a tiny spider, happily nestled upon its master.

Even though all of these stories make me laugh in the moment– and even right now, there is one story that I love most of all. Josh came home from work one day and told me that he was in a meeting with ten other people around a large conference table. Everyone was in discussion, when out of nowhere, slickly sliding from the ceiling, a spider repelled down upon its web and dangled in front of Josh– in my opinion, to bow down and pay homage to its leader.

In all of these instances, he has never once been bitten and no one else who is present has ever had a spider on or even near them! Nope. Not at all. Just Josh. It doesn’t just happen at home either, it can happen anywhere at anytime. His spidey-senses call to them and they come crawling from near and far.

Although my husband may not be fighting crime or go swinging on webs around the city (though I’m quite sure he would LOVE to) he does have some spidey-like qualities and there must be something unmistakably “arachnidy” about him. For whatever reason, he continues to draw forth little, eight-legged groupies from all over the place to dwell within his midst.

So while I will always appreciate the cute and talented actors who play, have played and will continue to play Spiderman on the big screen, my children and I know that we’ve got the real thing at home.

My Musicals Mission!

When I was 12 years old, our church was in between buildings and we were holding services at a school. For whatever reason, no one wanted to do a Christmas program that year for the children. But I did, and I was given permission by the pastor to try. So I wrote, produced and directed my first Christmas program that starred my little brother as a lamb, and many other children who were excited to be part of it. Since then, I have either been in or directed Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, Mother’s/Father’s Day programs every year.
When I was 23 years old, I was hired as the music director of that church and was blessed to have the opportunity to present musicals there several times a year.
As time has gone by, I have heard the kind and uplifting words of the supporters who were blessed by the programs, and I have also heard the words of the naysayers who thought the programs to be a drain of time, money and resources. But they didn’t stop me. Why? Because I have a profound, undying love for my God, Jehovah, His Only Son Jesus Christ, and my Comforter and Friend, the Holy Spirit, and I want to bring glory to them all.
I know, without doubt, that this is one of the things God gifted me to do. I want to always be obedient to Him and do well with whatever He assigns me. He gives me the ideas through dreams and every program that has ever been done, as long as I followed His direction and allowed Him to keep control, the programs were successful. How do I measure that success? By the fact that usually at least one person, if not more, came to know Jesus Christ or renewed their commitment to Him at one of our programs. Many of these people I am friends with to this day.
I will press on with this work that God has given me through my new company, Master’s Messengers (, with the HCP Performing Arts Ministry and with my family. The Lord has already shown me that He will bless those that help to bless it and remove those from my path who seek to hinder it. And when I am too old to perform for the Lord, I will direct for Him, and when I am too old to direct for Him, I will write for Him. But I will use the talents He has given me to spread the message of his love to the world through music and storytelling until my dying day.  I am more than thankful to have been able to do this work for Him (so far) for the past 35 years and I look forward to seeing what He wants me to do for Him in the future!