Hope for Hollis – A Poem for Precious Boy

There is a silence here now
which only sorrow brings,
his room is just a room now
that only holds his things.

What was a place of life and laughter
is noiseless and distraught,
and doesn’t have the warmth his smile
and bubbling giggles brought.

His clothing in the closet
and in the dresser drawer,
wait patiently for him to come
and put them on once more.

His bed where he would nestle down
and rest his head to sleep,
longs deeply for the little boy
who gave it dreams to keep.

His toys sit patiently in place
where he had played before,
in hopes that he will come again
and play upon the floor.

His shoes that he would put on
to walk and jump and run,
now sit in pairs together
and wonder what they’ve done.

His bat, ball and baseball glove
all sadly feel the same,
and desire for his skillful hands
to use them in his game.

The world will not watch him grow
from a boy into a man,
nor will they see the dreams fulfilled
that in his youth began.

We will not hear his voice again
or look upon his face,
for God has gently taken him
to live within His grace.

The days we had to share with him
were much too short by far,
for he has flown to heaven’s shores
and traveled past the stars.

But the moments that were had by all
are memories sublime,
and will be lovely treasures
to cling to for all time.

His courage to keep fighting
was far beyond his years,
his strength was displayed in his smile
and also in his tears.

We knew that he loved Jesus
and to God’s glory sing,
and now he stands before Christ’s throne
to let his praises ring.

So what do we do now, without this precious boy?
We live each day for Jesus
and let Christ bring back our joy.

For we know we have the promise
of seeing him again,
when we walk in Christ’s salvation
towards the glories of heaven.

So breathe, press on, be present
though it pains to be apart,
and live each day to show the Hope of Hollis in our hearts.

In Memory of Hollis Doherty a precious 7, almost 8 year old boy
who battled a D.I.P.G brain tumor for 9 mos.
I was blessed to know him.
by Angelique La Fon-Cox