The Year of Miracles

Today is significant. A year ago today on August 7th 2014, I got a call from a very defeated husband telling me he had been laid off. I remember hanging up the phone with a shaky hand and softly calling my three children in to tell them the news. From that moment we put our faith into action. The FIRST thing we did was PRAY. We knew God was going to take care of us and doing something great. We kept saying that everyday and at the end of each day I would strongly sing the little song “There’s Always Tomorrow” from the “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” animated film.
Now, a year has passed by and I can honestly say that God has done just as I claimed. This has been a year of miracles for our family as well as the trials, but we have learned that the trials are just as much a blessing as the miracles because they have changed our hearts for the better and drawn us closer to God and each other. None of us, not even one of our children, are the same people today that we were a year ago. We have been transformed. We have seen amazing miracles, more of which I will write about later on, and we have seen sorrow, disappointment and learned how so many people in the world today struggle. There have been days when we were so emotionally, physcially and spirituatlly exhausted we didn’t know how to press on, what to do or even how to pray. There were days when Josh and I were totally frustrated with the Lord and shouted and cried out our feelings to Him. Still, He has been faithful to refresh us, pick us up and give us the courage and strength to keep moving forward.
A long time ago, we asked God for our ministry to travel around the world. A answer to a prayer like that doesn’t come without great training. We had to walk these roads in order to learn. When I stood in line at DES to apply for a food card and health insurance assistance, I was broken, but the Lord whispered into my heart, “Take this in. Look at every face and understand where they are.” Without these lessons how would we ever really know how to give freely and openly?
Our souls have been enlarged through trials and suffering. When that happens to a person they can choose to allow their enlarged soul to be filled with anger, bitterness and selfishness or… they can choose to learn from their trial, embrace it and allow God to fill their soul with  love, compassion and giving. We choose the latter. Giving brings us the greatest joy! For we have seen that no matter what our situation was, there was always someone out there who had it ten, fifty, a hundred times worse. Giving brought joy and joy brought healing and strength.
So now that this year has passed we feel a great victory has been won. We do not know what God has planned for our future, but we KNOW He has a plan for our future as He speaks in Jeremiah 29:11. He IS working for our good even when we can’t see it and we WILL receive what we ask for when we pray because His Word declares it to be true. You mark my words here today and remember this: there will come a time when I will make a post declaring that God has set us free from the financial bondages and prison that we have struggled with not just for this past year, but for the past ten years off and on. The promise of us being placed on the solid rock is ours– and the rock is Jesus! There will be a day when you will see such a miracle that has been given to us that even those who do not claim there is a God would have to say, “Only GOD could have done that!” You wait and see. It’s coming.
Until then, we are walking in the victory that it is already done and it is ours. When it does, we will shout to the highest mountaintop the praises for our perfect Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, our deliverer, because He deserves the glory for it ALL.


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